Princess Charming

R.J. Moeller at Acculturated on why guys like Kate Middleton

[T]he vibe that Middleton gives off is one that says, “I really like my husband, and his presence is my present”. Not in any sort of “I’ll be the doting Leave It To Beaver wife caricature hardcore feminists mock” way, but in a, “I married a man I enjoy being with, and we’re going to make this unique situation we find ourselves in work” fashion that can’t help but catch you attention.

This public, visible, and seemingly genuine support for her husband is attractive to other men. It is said that girls are on the lookout for their “Prince Charming”, but I would add that most guys are on the lookout for their Duchess of Cambridge as well. We want someone who likes us and thinks we are worth their time, love, and public endorsement.

This, of course, leads into another discussion (for another time) of men needing to be worthy of such affection and admiration, but the fact remains that when men see another man’s wife treating him well in front of others, something stirs in his soul that all of the pornography, casual sex, and krunked-out partying in the world can’t erase from his memory.

Sure, men like Kate Middleton for some fairly superficial reasons. But they also like her because she represents what they ultimately want and aspire to be worthy of.
I'd say that's true.  I always put it this way: yes, love and caring and nurturing is nice and essential to a happy marriage, but when it comes right down to it, we all want a spouse who will have our back through thick and thin; but especially when we really screw something up.


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