Josh Rago Knows Healthcare

Josh Rago on current status of Health Care replacement bill in Senate.  Here

Key points of new bill:

1) (5 minute) Under Obamacare, non-disabled, non-elderly, childless adults making under $16K get States a 90-95% subsidy for Medicaid while the rest (aged, infirm, kids, etc.) are only subsidized at 50% (pre-Obamacare rates). This was done to encourage the young to sign up for Medicaid and in turn incentivized States to sign up healthy young people instead of others so they'd get more dollars.  The new bill gives states a block sum to decide what to do with. The subsidy rates are equalized. They help pay for this by keeping investment tax on wealthy.

2) (9 Minute) Criticism of Cruz amendment that allows all insurance companies that offer at least one Obamacare type plan the ability to offer other plans with more options. This will lead to plans that are high risk. Cruz agrees and says that way we can fund the money directly from taxpayers to the high risk plans since it is apparent the country wants to take care of those people in the high risk pools.

3) (12 minute) This is a two decade transition. Also, insurance companies are going to get their piece of the pie. 

4) (13 minute) This is really the best that can be done given the political realities.  It is apparent that there are enough moderates in the GOP senate.

5) (14:30 minute) 1332 waivers give Governors ability to adopt additional reforms, such as insurance plans that cross state lines.


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