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Oh! little mover of teenagers long ago.
You suffered indignity
sliding to and fro'
along wintry paths
hitting telephone poles
and snowbanks.
And rolling rolling rolling.

You took your charges safely
from home and back again.
Running on gas or fumes.
And hope.
Yet rarely did you fail
of your own volition.

Always faithful.
Always true
whether parked
or idling
or on the move.
'Til you could move no more.

*Originally written 1/30/2009

Happy New Year

The end of the year calls to mind
All the days left behind
People newly met and those we've lost
Mistakes that were made and what they cost

Happily the year-end also inspires
A rekindling of coals that fire desires
For wishes born out, more laughter and love
More kindness and hope and blessings from above

Every year-end is another's begin
A time to start ...


It's a scattered existence, blogging and commenting, tweeting and facebooking - who did I say what to whom and when?  I'm not sure there really is a way to capture it all, but this simple page is meant to be a place to aggregate my web presence. If anyone cares.