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Family Vacation

Went on a great, two week vacation to Paris, London and Ireland recently.  We had a great time and each place was different and offered it's own charms.  Paris is Paris - we stayed in a flat (actually a converted old workshop in the middle of the block across from St. Severin's in the Latin Quarter) and saw all the sites and had a blast.  London was a relatively quick two-days where we were based out of a flat near King's Cross station.  We then took the train to Holyhead in Wales and took the ferry to Dublin.

Dublin was fun and then we went to Carlow where our girls did some Irish Step Dancing with a local instructor and some of their fellow dancers from their studio here in Rhode Island (that was actually the main impetus for the trip).  My folks also met us there and we had fun around Carlow and a day trip to Kilkenny.

After that, we went our own way down thru Tipperary and Cork to Kenmare, the Ring of Kerry and then Dingle and the Penninsula. Then it was off to Kilrush…