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Harassing Pigs

So far, it looks like the only way to keep your job once it's discovered you've sexually harassed/assaulted someone is to be a politician. Journalists, entertainers, executives...all have gone down. So what does that say about the whole "power dynamic" in our society? What makes politicians so special? In a world where politics has increasingly become part of peoples' identity (or even a near-religion) we have seen a sort of "political morality" - with politicians as the "high priests" - displace what would be considered common decency. This relativistic political morality can be defined as needed so long as it serves the purpose of maintaining power - particularly power over your ideological opponents. And the vessels for that power are our ideological representatives in government. Politicians. George Orwell was correct: "Some pigs are more equal than others." Unless their constituents hold them accountable. I'm not holding my…