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Goldberg Explains the Divide

Jonah Goldberg:

One of the great intellectual and philosophical divides — a chasm really — is between those who believe in the “perfectibility of man” and those who side with Kant’s observation that “out of the crooked timber of humanity no straight thing was ever made.” The perfectibility of man comes with a lot of associated intellectual baggage. It tends to rely on the idea that we are “blank slates.” How could it be otherwise? If we come preloaded with software that cannot be erased, we cannot be perfected. Rousseau, one of the great advocates of the perfectibility of man, got around this by arguing that, in our natural state, we were perfect: “noble savages,” as John Dryden put it. According to this theory, what makes us sinful isn’t our nature but the oppressiveness of our civilization. “Man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains” is the way that Rousseau put it, arguing that civilization was unnatural and soul-warping.

But, since we couldn’t go back to our b…

D Hawthorne Series at American Greatness

My buddy and former blogging colleague Don Hawthorne has a series up at American Greatness offering his perspective concerning these times in which we live.  We don't necessarily agree, Don's a smart guy and worth the read.

Part 1: Weaponizing the Government for Leftist Political War

Part 2: Rogue Ruling Class Grabs Power, Removes the People’s Sovereignty

Part 3: An Imminent Counterattack Begins the Fight of Our Lives